Your Guide to Stone Crab Season

If you are looking for a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of fall, you should look no further than the stone crab season that kicks off in a couple of weeks and continues for the next few months. With the season commencing on October fifteenth, stone crab lovers will be crowding various restaurants ready to enjoy the delicacy they have been waiting for. The stone crab season entails a lot of things from how to crack a claw an food festivals among other many things that you should know. Below is everything you should know about stone crab season.

If you are looking forward to this year’s stone crab season, one thing you should know is to get your tickets for the annual seafood festival early; this being an event that attracts thousands of people annually, you risk missing out if you don’t secure your tickets early. If you are familiar with peeling a boiled egg you should have no problem learning how to eat stone crab, you only have to deep the meaty portions in the mustard sauce and dig it in.

If you are thinking you can walk into any restaurant at any time during the stone crab season and be served with this delicacy immediately, you will be in for a rude shock; the trick is planning to eat early because you will be more likely to beat the crowd. With the stone crab season known to begin in mid-October and proceed to May the next year, you will have plenty of time to try different restaurants known for serving hearty portions of stone crab.

Check out the different restaurants where diners can opt for traditional claws or mash-up plates depending on what you want, the bottom-line being, you don’t have to limit yourself to only one restaurant during the stone crab season when there is plenty of options for you out there. If you want to enjoy your stone crab claws during this season of festivity, you must not be afraid of getting messy; you may have to use your hands to get every bit of meat off the claw. You can check out this page to have stone crabs delivered at your doorstep.

Another thing you should know about the stone crab season is the price of stone crabs; you should ensure you are getting the value of your money because stone crabs can be expensive. Apart from that, you should know there is a way of can enjoy stone crab claws with your hands without getting messy; using a paper or napkin. With this year’s stone crab season almost here, this is your guide to having a good time. If you probably want to get more enlightened on this topic, then click on this related post:

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